India lost 18 T-90 tanks near the border with China

India lost 18 T-90 tanks near the border with China
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Advanced Russian T-90 tanks in service with India were lost in a completely stupid way.

Currently, there is a conflict brewing between India and China over the disputed territory in the Galwan valley. To strengthen this region, both China and India have moved heavy military equipment and several hundred military personnel to this area.

According to local media, India has transferred 32 T-90 tanks and 20 T-72 tanks to the border with China. However, the location of military equipment was bad. In the valley, rain began to fall and the tank base was completely flooded. While, the military personnel was evacuated in the torrential rain, it was not possible to quickly move the equipment.

As a result, eighteen T-90 tanks were completely disabled due to the fact that all the electronics were flooded with water and mud. It is no longer safe to operate such tanks and they will have to be sent back for complete replacement of all electronics. How the remaining fourteen T-90 tanks survived the flood is not reported.

Experts explain that the Indians did not prepare the tanks for “big water”, and most likely the T-90 tanks were completely submerged in water for several hours.

At the same time, the T-72 tanks suffered flooding without problems, and after they were dried, they were re-commissioned. This is of course due to the small amount of electronics used and a simpler layout of the tank.

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