How famous Soviet spy unlearnt to speak Russian in his sleep

How famous Soviet spy unlearnt to speak Russian in his sleep
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Nikolai Kuznetsov is a brilliant Soviet intelligence officer of the World War period. His excellent knowledge of the German language allowed him to easily integrate into German society and even into the command of the Wehrmacht.

Kuznetsov had perfectly mastered six dialects of the German language. The Berlin accent was particularly good. The Abwehr guidelines particularly indicated that Kuznetsov speaks six dialects of German.

Generally speaking, the future spy had an outstanding knack for languages. In addition to the German N. Kuznetsov spoke Polish, Esperanto, Komi Republic and Ukrainian languages.

Nikolai began to learn German at school, when he was seven years old. He was lucky because he had a very competent teacher who laid the foundation for his love of languages. In addition, the teacher of labor was a soldier of the Austro-Hungarian army, who was captured during the World War I and decided to stay in the Urals and work at school.

It is worth mentioning that Kuznetsov had never been abroad, but with amazing accuracy imitated a German officer, not only the accent, but also the manners and gestures. He always tried to make the most out of communication with foreigners who came to the USSR.

While working in the Uralmash plant, Kuznetsov constantly communicated with German engineers.

At the beginning of 1942, he worked in a camp for German prisoners of war in Krasnogorsk, where he also did not lose time in vain and studied the manners and habits inherent in German people.

In the summer of 1942, Nikolai Kuznetsov found himself in a partisan detachment near Rovno, a city that became the “capital” of Nazi occupied Ukraine. The Reichskommissariat was also located there. The partisans began preparing to send N. Kuznetsov to the city.

Soon, Paul Siebert, that was the name according to N. Kuznetsov’s legend, discovered an interesting feature that could ruin the entire legend. Kuznetsov spoke in his sleep, of course, in Russian. Then Nikolai asked the doctor of the detachment, Albert Tsessarsky, to wake him up every time he started to say something in his sleep. The doctor did this several times a night. Oddly enough, this method of “treatment” helped to get rid of night talkativeness.

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