How a guy “hacked” Google maps with a trolley full of phones

How a guy “hacked” Google maps with a trolley full of phones
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Artist Simon Wekert tricked Google Maps by creating traffic jams on them. To do this, he slowly moved 99 smartphones with Google Maps running in his trolley.

In an interview for the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, the artist said that each of the 99 smartphones in the cart had its own SIM card, and each actively used Google Maps for navigation.

He found that if the cart stops moving, there won't be a traffic jam on Google Maps, so the cart must keep moving so that the traffic jam appears in the service.

Whereas, if a vehicle passed the trolley at normal speed, the maps also registered traffic as normal. Only when the cart was moving and the street was empty did Google Maps show traffic jams.

Google responded to a “hack” with 99 smartphones by saying that whether it's a car, a cart, or a camel, they like to see the creative use of Google Maps as it helps them improve their maps over time.

The company also confirmed their desire to make Maps as accurate as possible. Google has also mockingly pointed out that it can distinguish between cars and motorcycles in some regions of the world, but has not yet defined the formula for shopping carts.

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