Hacker’s view on smartphone surveillance

Hacker’s view on smartphone surveillance
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If you install a traffic analyzer on your phone, you can see hundreds of unknown connections, said Eugene Chertok, head of the IT Department of REKSOFT software developer in an interview with the Prime Agency. By deleting a number of apps on your smartphone, you can disable surveillance done by those apps that collect information about subscribers for advertising purposes. Basically, data is collected on geolocation and person’s search interests.

To make your smartphone transmit less information about the owner, one can disable mobile Internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and geolocation. However, this doesn't make much sense. Next time you turn on the device, the data will be sent anyway. The phone can also be detected through cell towers and visible wi-fi points, the expert noted.

“In the era of universal digitalization, privacy and personal data do not actually exist. Even if you give up your smartphone and buy a push-button phone, you can be tracked through a mobile operator”, the expert added.

Another sign of a breach is the increased Internet traffic which is a sign that a virus has been loaded on the smartphone. In this case, you need to immediately turn off both the Internet and the mobile phone.

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