Global debt through the roof. Why?

Global debt through the roof. Why?
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At the end of 2019, the new managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva summed up the balance of the world’s finance. It turned out that the world debt has already broken all records. It amounts staggering $188 trillion, which is about 230% of global production. The debt includes both public loans from countries of the world economic system and private debt obligations. This figure was announced at the annual Jacques Polak conference in Washington.

It was noted that the national debt in developed economies is at a level “not seen since the World War II”. At the same time, several countries try to hide their true numbers, such as Georgia and Armenia, while Pakistan and Somalia provide outdated information.

As it follows from the report of the Head of the IMF, almost every second country is already at risk. Forty-three percent of countries has already got into a critical situation, or are on the brink of it.

Ukraine and Belarus are at the bottom of the debt hole. The total state debt of Ukraine today is $81.92 billion while the default in Belarus is being seriously discussed. Venezuela's economy is in shock. The US national debt is going through the roof. It is already $23 trillion.

According to AllianceBerstein, an American investment company, which manages assets worth $586 billion, the real US national debt reaches whopping 1832% of the total volume of the country's economy.

Why is the US not very upset about it and, if everyone owes, then to whom?

The usurer in this case is international banking capital. Today, all banks work according to a single algorithm. In other words, the banks make up a single system. This system has imperceptibly become a supranational structure, financing all local banking corporations, which in turn provide money to enterprises. Thus, everyone works hard, and banks count the money.

It all started in 1913, when the United States created the Reserve System. For the first time, a private shop began to manage the country's money. Then the Great depression swept through the West and all the money moved into the hands of bankers, even business enterprises became the property of banks. It is not difficult to see how American banks, banks in London and Switzerland get richer on every default, on every economic crisis.

Later, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were established. The IMF became the banking system's tool for subjugating sovereign states.

It is no accident that the Soviet Union under Stalin and prosperous Switzerland were not participants in this system. They understood that this is a financial stranglehold, and they did not want to ruin their own national economies.

Later the dollar exchange rate was tied to gold, and banks, despite making big profits and pumped dollars into other countries’ economies, wanted more. They demanded complete submission.

Then in 1973, Nixon signed an Executive Order to abandon the gold standard that began uncontrolled printing of paper. It remained to convince the World that the dollar was exactly the benchmark that the World had been waiting for.

As a result, the dollar became a Ponzi scheme, which may one day collapse. Moreover, in the 60s, a new clan of international bureaucracy was born. They called themselves the guarantor of economic stability. Thus, countries and the world as a whole began to be governed not by kings and emperors, who inherited their powers, but by international organizations.

These are all sorts of international funds and supra-sovereign public formations. They were not chosen by anyone, yet, they put themselves first and forced the world to consider their opinion.

Now unelected figures actually rule the world. They tell sovereign states how to live and develop, how to judge at court, what moral standards to take as a basis for the upbringing of children.

We can see how the International Health Organization begins to inflate stories about different types of flu or scaring the entire population of the globe with a COVID19 pandemic. As a result, big pharma corporations profit, governments of many countries fight to get the vaccines but no one has a clear understanding of the causes not to mention responsibilities for this. International organizations have no accountability before any country.

We see how the IMF finances and its interference in the internal economy of sovereign countries brought them to complete collapse. The international capital completely subdues one country after another. They do not touch the national bureaucracy, which is happy to use this money, but they reduce pensions, social benefits and benefits for the poorest segments of the population.

The threat of international bureaucracy to the development of the country's economy was first mentioned aloud by Margaret Thatcher, and the UK did not join the new financial pyramid, which was represented by the Euro. Now the country wants to fully pull out of the European Union. Thatcher wrote in her book that it is everyone's duty to fight this bureaucracy.

The US is living beyond its means, pumping the world economy with worthless confetti. Today, finance rules the world, and the United States, too.

Where is Europe on this?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who wanted to rid global finance and the world of the dollar dependency, came to a bad end. Romania was able to throw off the dollar stranglehold and refuse the services of the IMF, by paying off its debts. As a result, its leaders, the Ceausescu family, were brutally tortured as a warning to others. The murder of Saddam Hussein from the same set of tricks, he decided to give up the dollar when selling oil. For this, they bombed Libya and killed Gaddafi for offering to create an independent currency system for the countries of the Middle East.

From the same reason, Kennedy was assassinated – when he was preparing an order to print money not on behalf of the Corporation, but on behalf of the United States. Dollars were issued with the signs of the US state, and not with the inscription of the Federal Reserve.

In 1995, the International Tribunal of 12 most famous lawyers and economists gathered to review the activities of the IMF, and came to the conclusion that it is a tool in the hands of Big Capital for the hidden issues against people. In their opinion, the IMF fraudulently imposes on the governments of the binding contracts, which nobody can execute.

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