Ferguson's coach froze in the cage

Ferguson's coach froze in the cage
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Tony Ferguson's trainer, Eddie Bravo, who assisted the fighter in a fight against Justin Gaethje, claims that until the fifth round he did not suspect what a difficult situation his fighter was in.

“The week before the fight, my car was broken into and my glasses were stolen from it," Bravo told the next edition of Joe Rogan's podcast. “So I was almost blind, and I didn't realize how badly Tony's face was bruised until I came up to him. It was a mistake for me to go out there. I saw that he was in pain, that he had severe cuts – at that moment my thoughts were whirling in my head. What advice should I give? I didn't know what to say, and I literally froze. I've never been in this situation in my life. I'm not the guy who should have been there at the time”.

“Rashad Holloway, his boxing coach, and Billy Fonua, the Muay Thai coach – one of them was supposed to be inside and I was supposed to be outside. All I had to say was, Tony, you look great. But after the fourth round, Rashad turned to me and said, “Eddie, you have to come in,” but I wasn't ready for that. I went in, but all I could think was “What the hell am I doing here – I'm not the head MMA coach”.

"I have never been a head MMA coach in my life, and I never wanted to be one. If it was a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, where there would be a lot of work in a kneeling position, then yes, my presence in the cage would make sense. But this time I could only offer emotional support, because it was a stand-up war.”

It is worth reminding that the fight for the temporary UFC lightweight title between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje, which became the main event of the UFC 249 tournament in Jacksonville, ended with the defeat of "El-Kukuya" by technical knockout in the fifth round.


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