Farewell to the most powerful (yet whimsical) diesel for BMW luxury SUVs

Farewell to the most powerful (yet whimsical) diesel for BMW luxury SUVs
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The Bavarian brand will abandon two quad-turbo diesel versions (meaning a four-turbine engine) for their X5 and X7 crossovers. To say proper good-bye to the engines, the company presented farewell modifications of the X5 M50d Final Edition and X7 M50d Final Edition, which will be offered in the markets of Europe, and differ in some visual features and customized trim levels.

The final Edition farewell version differs from the base version by nameplates and special version lettering on the doorsills, laser light high-beam headlamps, projection display, Crafted Clarity glass inserts, leather trim, and a full package of assistants. The multimedia system’s gesture control function is also installed.

Under the hood of the M50d Final Edition and X7 M50d Final Edition is a 3.0-liter 400 HP diesel. The B57D30S0 engine has two high-pressure turbochargers with variable geometry in one housing, and two low-pressure turbines.

The company starts accepting orders for the “Farewell” crossovers with this engine at the end of August.  There is no information about the cost yet. Instead of this engine, the Bavarians will offer a simpler bi-turbine unit with a capacity of 340 HP and 700 Nm of torque.

According to the Carscoops publication, BMW will abandon quad-turbo-diesels in September this year, so the life cycle of special versions will be very short.

The production of the 3.0-liter engine with four turbines started in 2016. It replaced the motor with three turbochargers, with its power increasing from 381 to 400 HP. This engine is able to accelerate a heavy BMW X7crossover to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds.

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