Facebook blocked photos of Red Army banner over Reichstag in 1945

Facebook blocked photos of Red Army banner over Reichstag in 1945
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Zakhar Prilepin, a popular contemporary Russian writer, wrote a substantial post reminding about Ukrainian managers of Facebook who removed a photo of the Banner of Victory over the Reichstag in Germany in May 1945. The banner symbolized the defeat of Nazi troops by the Red Army in the battle for Berlin.

The Russian writer, whose words are quoted on the website of the All-Russia National Front, believes that “the struggle of the “civilized European” world against Russia, “against the values of not even the Russian world, not the Russian Victory, but normal human values has reached a state of complete absurdity.”

He said that some “forces” in Europe” hate the idea that the Russians can liberate humanity or once liberated humanity from the most terrible infection – the Nazis. Those forces in Europe are tormented by it.

Prilepin noted that now Russia in the coronavirus situation “shows itself as a fairly stable economic and social structure”, and there are those in Europe that are particularly unhappy to see the increase in the stability of the Russian economy, military force and sovereignty.

In his opinion, this is why the “total fury” of Facebook, whose “Russian segment is managed by Russian-speaking Ukrainian managers”, stems from this. Moreover “people from Kiev, supporters of Ukrainian independence”, have a sore point about the rise of Russia and attack this issue with all their might, Prilepin said.

On May 9th, Victory Day in Russia, Facebook began blocking users for posting photos of the Victory Banner over the Reichstag. The Internet giant claims that this was due to an error in an automated algorithm.

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