Experts named Android apps to delete

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More than two dozen Android apps from the Chinese developer Shenzhen HAWK Internet turned out to be malicious, according to the VPNpro portal.

Experts found that 24 popular mobile apps request too many permissions to access the system, putting users’ personal data at risk. In particular, apps try to take photos and videos, record audio, and make calls.

As an example, experts cited the Candy Selfie Camera app, which wants to get access to data about the device's location, state, and file storage. The Sound Recorder program requires access to the camera for some reason.

In total, the compromised software was downloaded 382 million times. In addition to the above mentioned applications, the list includes Super Cleaner, Virus Cleaner 2019, File Manager, Joy Launcher, Turbo Browser, Weather Forecast, Hi VPN, Free VPN, Candy Gallery, Calendar Lite, Super Battery, Hi Security 2019, Net Master, Puzzle Box, Private Browser, Hi VPN Pro, World Zoo, Word Crossy!, Soccer Pinball, Dig it, Laser Break, Music Roam and Word Crush.

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