Everybody gets under your skin?

Everybody gets under your skin?
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Psychologists can help you let the steam out

Some people may experience serious nervous stress 20 to 50 times a day.

There is no person in the world who at least once in their life did not worry about something. We worry about our health, about how a trip may go, or whether the boss is going to fire you in the pandemic. But quite often doctors talk about extreme cases of excessive nervousness. Some people may experience serious nervous stress from 20 to 50 times a day.

Need or addiction?

“The ability to experience excitement is a need of the body, the same as eating and sleeping,” says Irina Vishnevetskaya, a health expert. With excitement, a strong hormone – adrenaline – enters the blood, it causes the sweating of palms, rumbling in the stomach, rapid heartbeat and acts as a dope that spurs the brain to active, sometimes non-standard actions. Sometimes, it is in a state of excitement that a solution to a complex problem can instantly come to mind, a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation.

Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Elena Kosmacheva is a practicing cardiologist and functional diagnostics doctor.

Those who are nervous about everything can be compared to “psychological addicts” - because they are many times more likely to inject adrenaline into their blood. Therefore, the consequences of this addiction can be extremely severe like in case of every “junkie”. The habit of constant urge to have some more doping no longer helps to cheer up, but dulls the senses. As a result, a nervous person constantly needs “recharge” in the form of another hassle. In addition, a continuous rapid heartbeat leads overly nervous people to the hospital with diagnoses of heart attack or stroke.

If we exclude pathological cases where excessive nervousness leads to low blood sugar, this contributes to increased production of adrenaline. Often a stressed person reveals their inner “I” that comes into conflict with the outside world. This conflict, according to psychologists, is expressed in four typical reactions.

Four responses to stress

Every comment, sideways glance, and lack of admiration plunges a person into the abyss of stress. Everything done and said wrong makes them nervous.

A person painfully perceives even the slightest mistake of their own and others - the bus is not on schedule, the computer suddenly freezes - all testifies to the imperfection of the world.

A person thinks that he or she is a self-sufficient unit, independent of other people and things. But every minute life proves the opposite - the boss telling off for being late, the server drops the fork, the car doesn’t start.

The world for the individual is not a theater, but becomes a gladiator arena – where everyone who asks for time on the street has the intention to do or say something bad: the boss wants to humiliate, the spouse to offend etc. Stress for such a person is like a broken alarm system that howls at the slightest breath of wind.

How to calm down?

Often a person opposes himself or herself to the world so much that he or she considers this opposition to be the norm, and therefore every action of others causes a reaction in the form of stress in their soul. If this is about you, it's time to make a doctor’s appointment! For those who only occasionally feel themselves independent, vulnerable, cool or the best-of-the-best, stop being nervous about trifle things and find peace of mind with the help a few simple tips.

Stress release tips

Tip 1. Breathe deeply - this will smooth out the symptoms of the adrenaline rush. This is done as soon as you feel the stress creeping in (darkness in the eyes, shaking hands, heart pounding) - you need to take a few deep breaths. At the same time, try to think about something abstract yet logical and e.g. repeat the multiplication table for math laggards or Fibonacci numbers and logarithms for the advanced ones.

Tip 2. Cry. Sometimes the occurrence of stress is triggered by fatigue and overexertion. In this case, the best medicine for nerves is - sobbing - better on the chest of a loved one. Excessive nervousness can turn into an adrenaline doping.

Tip 3. Take a bath with soothing herbs such as mint, valerian, chamomile, fennel, vervain, jasmine, or thyme. Learn to take a contrast shower in the morning and evening - it also strengthens the nerves. Buy a sedative collection at the pharmacy and drink the course. It is advisable to consult a doctor, though.

Tip 4. Get used to seeing good things in life. On the way to work, at your long walks notice the beauty of the world - birds, green grass, blue sky. This will make you smile widely. A genuine smile is the main enemy of stress.

This daily self-training routine helps you look younger, have more energy and fun in life.

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