Edward Snowden wanted to stay in Russia. Why?

Edward Snowden wanted to stay in Russia. Why?
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The American whistleblower decided to stay in Russia. This news was almost lost against the background of coronavirus reports. What is the reason for this decision? What can he expect? And why the sudden change in priorities? Let’s look into some of the facts…

The name of Edward Snowden is known all over the world. It was he who in 2013 leaked to the press the program of total surveillance\spying by the American authorities both for their citizens and for people around the world. He gained access to classified information when he was an employee of the secret services. Then Snowden explained his actions as a desire to reveal the truth to people.

However, at his homeland, his impulse was not appreciated by everyone. Many call Edward a traitor, and the criminal case for disclosing secret information means that he can face up to 30 years in prison. As a result, Snowden made a decision to escape. And he did. Subsequently, he applied for a asylum in several countries, however he got stuck in Russia…

It happened that Snowden's passport was canceled while he was waiting for a transfer flight in Moscow. He could not fly away, but Russia did not hand him over to the American authorities either. And for 7 years now, the fugitive informant has been living in the capital of Russia. The American received asylum and a temporary residence permit, which was repeatedly extended.

At the same time, Snowden has repeatedly said that Moscow is a place where he has to live for the time being, and he would gladly leave if any of the countries where he submitted his documents could sheltered him. However, there were no countries, other than Russia, that can house the former secret service specialist. The American was particularly eager to go to France, and even asked President Macron to approve his request, but found no support. And so, Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, who helps the former NSA employee, said that Snowden would remain in Russia…

Why did he decide to stay in Russia? It's simple! The former employee of the US National Security Agency was not offered shelter by any Western power. There were possibilities with some countries, the like of Bolivia or Nicaragua. Alas.

However, after the events with Julian Assange, who was handed over by the Ecuadorian authorities to police officers in London, to trust such a statement would be an unjustified risk. And what standard of living could Snowden expect in Bolivia? In Moscow he is able to make good money and move freely. And the probability that Edward Snowden will stay in Russia forever is very high.

In the meantime, he has applied for a three-year extension of his residence permit. The previous one expires, and he needed a new permit to legally stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. However, the American has not yet spoken about the desire to obtain Russian citizenship, Kucherena said.

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