Boeing explained why the Russian MS-21 would change the global game

Boeing explained why the Russian MS-21 would change the global game
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Sergey Kravchenko, head of Boeing in Russia, commented on the prospects of the MS-21 for the development of the world aviation market.

The new Russian narrow-body airliner MS-21 is able to win back part of the world market of aircraft for passenger air transport from the American company Boeing. This statement by the head of Boeing in the Russian Federation, Sergei Kravchenko, in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper drew attention of the Tsargrad TV network.

Kravchenko pointed out the uniqueness of the Russian MS-21 aircraft. At the same time, he noted that Boeing also considered the possibility of creating a similar model of the plane, which no one in the world has ever created before the Russian Federation.

“No one has made a narrow-body aircraft of this dimension with a composite wing. We considered this possibility, but did not have the courage, but the Russian United Aircraft Corporation did it,” Kravchenko said, and then noted the great impact on the world aviation industry of the implementation of the Russian MC-21 project: “They made an aircraft that, in some aspects, changes the world industry.”

The expert pointed out that such an innovative application of the technology of the Russian aviation industry will be successful not only in the domestic but also in the international market. In this context, he noted that currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Boeing is losing customers. In this situation, the launch of the MS-21 sales, after the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions, equalizes the chances of the Russian aircraft to compete with the Americans for customers who will resume purchasing passenger airliners.

Earlier, economist Pavel Gribov pointed to the readiness of the Russian Federation to bet on the Superjet and IL -114 in anticipation of the MS-21.

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