A well-preserved mammoth skeleton was found in a Siberian lake

A well-preserved mammoth skeleton was found in a Siberian lake
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Scientists from Russia are currently trying to get a well-preserved skeleton of a woolly mammoth from lake Pechevalavato in YANAO (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, one of 85 Federal regions in Russia).

The remains were found in shallow water by local reindeer herders a few days ago. It is noted that ligaments are still attached to the skeleton of the extinct animal. In the area of the lake, a fragment of a leg with tendons attached to it, ribs, a lower jaw and a mammoth skull were found.

Experts stressed that special equipment and a lot of time will be needed to restore the rest of the animal's skeleton. Scientists hope that the other part of the skeleton is deep in the silt.

Mammoths are the extinct mammals from the elephant family that lived in the Quaternary period (from 5 million BC - 4,500 years ago) in Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa. The animals reached a height of 5.5 meters and a body weight of 14-15 tons. This makes mammoths twice as heavy as the largest present day land mammals - African elephants.

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 Mammoths, 01-10-2020 11:10:04

By: Elizaveta

I love articles about animals. This article surprised me, I did not think that in our time it is still possible to find the remains of a mammoth. I hope that the specialists will be able to restore the entire skeleton. In general, mammoths are amazing animals, it's a pity that they died out.
Thank you for the good news about mammoths!

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