A house for the price of an iPhone

A house for the price of an iPhone
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Italians have improved the 3D printing technology to reduce the cost of building printed houses. Now you can buy real estate for a penny — almost at the cost of a new smartphone.

The conventional way of building houses is expensive, time-consuming, and unecological. Prices per square meter, as well as rental prices, are growing all over the world.

The Italian company WASP has come up with a way to solve these problems. Her Gaia project is a tiny 30-square-meter house built using the Crane WASP modular printing system for just one thousand USD. A 3D printer can print structures not only from concrete and geopolymers, but also from materials found right on the construction site. This is not only cheap, but also does not damage the environment.

The house is made of timber and the walls are printed from a mixture of soil from the site (25%), crushed straw (40%), rice husk (25%) and hydraulic lime (10%).

The cost of building a house is comparable to the cost of the latest iPhone in the basic trim levels. Thanks to the low price, the technology can be used for the construction of summer homes, temporary shelters during the aftermath of natural disasters, or homes in refugee camps.

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 Good job!, 01-10-2020 11:07:59

By: Svetlana

Well done. Italians' project is very intrtesting and useful. I think this idea with 3D printing Will become very popular soon. And the fact that the cost of the building a house is comparable to the cost of the latest iPhone impresses.

 3D-house, 01-10-2020 11:07:44

By: Regina

This new technology is a good opportunity for people who don’t have enough money to build a real house. It has a lot of advantages: firstly it costs cheaper than real house; secondly it’s quicker to build such a kind of house; thirdly it doesn’t harm the environment.

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